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February 5, 2007


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QUIZAM and Project introduction -Friday

H4 Global – DBQ Guide

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How to do a DBQ;

DBQ Steps- what topic is the dbq on? Brainstorm key ideas regarding the topic.

Read the Historical context and the task. Create a chart breaking apart the task (essay question) . Be sure you have a clear understanding of the task.

Proceed to the documents. First read the question. As you read the document be sure to underline any possible answers to the question. Write the answer using full sentences. Use the nformation from the document and keep it brief (1-2 sentences). 

Keep in mind the task, writing little notes from each document as you move along.


When writing the essay be sure to SUPPORT your answers with information from the documents as well as OUTSIDE INFORMATION. (look back at the brainstorm- what here was not in the document?) Dont simply state it. Be sure to explain every major idea that you write about.

 Don’t simply take information from the documents and rewrite them!!! Use the details from the document as evidence to prove your answers and explain them. Please see me for any additional help!!! 

November 20, 2006

H3: Imperialism

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You will be having a quiz on imperialism (20 multiple choice regents question) on Monday Dec. 3rd.  A test with an essay will follow at the end of the end of the week. Please focus on the reasons for mperialism as well as the effects, both positive and negative. Know which countries conquered and which were conquered. If you have any questions you can see me period 2,6 or 7 in room 530. Some of the key ideas to understanding Imperialism are:

  • Reasons- Industialization led to nead for cheap labor, raw materials (resources), new markets and strategic locations for trade routes.
  • Justifications- Social Darwinism, The White Man’s Burden, Missionaries, Westernize, modernize and Industrialize
  • Imperialist powers- Britain, germany, France, Russia, Japan, Portugal, Spain, U.S.
  • Conquered – India (British East india Co.), China (spheres of influence, Opium Wars, Unequal treaties), Africa (unfair boundaries and borders, Berlin Conference)
  • Rebellions- ex. Sepoys, Zulu, Boxer and Taiping
  • Effects- long term/ short term/? positive/ negative?

November 12, 2006

Global 3: industrial revolution review

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REVIEW: Industrial Revolution. You can use your textbook (pages 498-515) as well as your notes to study.  Some of the key ideas about the Industrial revolution are;

  • where it began, why
  • factory conditions
  • mass production
  • urbanization
  • economic systems
  • Socialism
  • Karl Marx,  ‘Communist Manifesto’
  • Adam Smith, Lasseiz- Faire

For additional help and practise you can visit

November 7, 2006


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TEST- Your upcoming test will be covering the Industrial Revolution, it’s impact on society as well as the economic systems discuused in class (capitalism, utopian socialism, Marxism).  If you have any questions or want extra help studying before the exam please see me in room 530 during periods 2,6 or 7.

DBQ- Due Wed. November 8: Answer both the short answers and the essay question. In your essays don’t forget to

  •  include supporting details and facts from at least 5 documents
  • include relevant outside information
  • incorporate a thesis statement into the introduction paragraph
  • begin each paragraph with a topic sentence (tells the reader the main idea of what is going to be addressed in the paragraph) i.e ” The industrial revolution had many positive impacts on society.”

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